The operation was a success, but the patient died.

 The old iMac bit the big one last weekend. It didn’t make the trip from Boynton Beach into Fort Lauderdale a year and a half ago, and it just sat on a dresser all that while. It would power on, and power off almost instantly, I never could get it to boot.

 I pulled the hard drive (it has my LIFE on it) and the gig of RAM, and it went to heaven where all macs go! I also junked out my old Epson Stylus Photo EX. Between the 2 devices, I had dropped $2200 9 years ago now. Has it been that long?

My brand new (over a year old now, I started blogging when I got it) Compaq is shortly to follow the iMac’s fate, but I won’t bother keepig any parts out of it. The stupid thing won’t play a video DVD or stay running more than 24 hours. Actually, it is going to become a linux box, and live in my Kitchen when I build a new box. Good for web browsing for recepies.

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