Upside Down Aquarium FAIL

I tried to set up my upside down aquarium today. I failed Well, technically, the aquarium failed. I think I have another aquarium I can use. The broken one will get a new back piece at some point in the future. I never throw tanks out, I just rebuild them. .

Aquaponics Solids Lifting Siphon Overflow Box AKA Johnny Jump Box

It all started with a chat on the homepage of with Johnny and Paul. Johnny¬† said he was trying to figure out how to make a solids lifting siphon overflow box. Now, at first I didn’t think it could be done – having built a weir siphon overflow box in the past. But than […]

Refurbishing the aquarium stand for my new used 48 gallon tank.

A good friend of mine is giving me his fish tank(s). Unfortunatly, it’s through a bit of misfortune of his, needing to cell his townhouse. The tanks have been well used, and so will need a bit of ‘freshening up’.  I brought the stand home on my luggage rack.  Here is the tank in my […]

PHP Meetup & Digital Camera Hacking Part 2

WAAAAaaaay back in Janurary, I started this project. Tonight, I finally finished it – well, I got one of the several cameras hacked. Just a reminder, one of the guys at my PHP Meetup handed me a few Walgreens Digital Cameras, and some parts and said he can’t solder well enough to give it a […]