My First Microtank

I am going to make a new aquarium that is what is called a ‘microtank’ or ‘nanotank’. This is a VERY small planted freshwater fish tank. The two I am going to make are going to be 3.5 gallons each. I am going to set them up as “stream” type tanks, with a pretty stiff current to them. The water will be pumped out one end, and put back in on the other end. This should create a nice “stream” type environment. I will put fish that are suitable for the swift water in the tank. It will also have a lot of rocks and short live plants like Glossostigma and Microsword if I can get them to grow in the water current.

Cut glass for a fish tank My dad had cut me glass and mirror pieces to use for shelving. They are 4 feet long and 4 3/8 inches wide. It went into a window and worked really nice. I have moved the glass shelves 3 times for a total of around 2500 miles. I finially have a new use for them. I am curious to see how a green tinted glass tank will turn out.

cutting window glass for an aquarium I saved some panes out of the windows of my old work when they installed new hurricane windows. I had a bit of trouble cutting the glass down to the right size. A few practice tries and I got it down.

glass and silicone ready for assembly into an aquarium I tried to put the silicone down first so the pieces would get a good bond together. This didn’t work so well, I ended up needing a hand from Katie so I could get it all together and taped up so it would all stay put. I am going to need to cut out the silicone on the inside so I can get a good sealing bead down.

home made fish tank This is the assembled tank. I will re-seal it tomorrow night, and Wednesday night it will get some water put in it. Cross your toes it doesn’t leak.

The first tank I made is glass on both sides and mirror on the bottom. The other tank I will build will only have 1 piece of glass, with a mirror back.

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