Wedding Invitations Final Decisions

I have been working hard on getting these invites done. Saturday I had gone and picked up the black paper. Last night I started cutting the tops and bottoms of the printed invites.
 Tonight, I have all the printed invites cut! YAY ME! Half of these can be bundled up, and mailed to Katie so she can put together her half.

This leads to 2 important design issues. Color, size, and style. Yeah, Yeah, I know that’s three, but I feel so much closer to being done when it’s only 2 left. But, it’s the ribbon. How to deal with the ribbon.

The choices are: Blue vs Black Ribbon, wide vs narrow, tied vs this other way my good friend Heather suggested. The tucked style, in the blue, I think looks better with a round hole rathar than the slits I did.
You all can leave a comment on what you think, but it’s Katie’s decision.

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  1. if you were to ask me… I’d go with the black ribbons. The blue ribbon just looks off from the whole design.

    It is hard to decide on the skinny or wide ribbon. But here are my thoughts:
    The skinny ribbon makes it more dainty looking. The wide ribbon usually is the norm in a lot of invites but still looks good in your invites. That being said, it looks like I am leaning toward the skinnier ribbon.

    But again, these are just my thoughts. You, and ultimately Katie has the final say 🙂

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