Troubles with my wedding RSVP site.

I got a report last night that the wedding RSVP page is being dumb. From a very reliable source! I am marrying this particular source in less then 2 weeks.

By the time I got home to check it last night, it was working OK for me.

If anybody is having troubles with it, can you send me a screenshot? Maybe that will help me fix it.

I do have a bunch of RSVPs. I used Google Doc’s Forms to deal with the RSVP stuff.
Using that, I can create fancy spreadsheets and such.

From this, I can deduce that about 30 people aren’t hungry. Actually, they signed up before I had the meal option on the RSVP page. So, a few phone calls are in order.

Feel free to email us at wedding (at) creuzer dot com if you are having troubles with the RSVP page. Or call either of us.

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