Final Details

The final details of a long trip take a lot out of a person. Especially when unplanned stuff happens.
 Dad and I tore the trailer apart and repacked all the bearings, replaced a broken wheel stud, and put on a spare tire. Better safe then sorry.

 My folks gave Katie and I a chest freezer for our wedding. How cool is that (I love that pun). Problem though. The one end is all smashed in. It took 7 different Walmarts before I found the same freezer to exchange it with. The new freezer works great!

 Found a dresser on freecycle. The closet worked for one person, but two isn’t going to fly. This dresser fits in it’s spot perfectly, and doubles as a nightstand for that side of the bed. Brother had never seen a tall dresser before. He was curious.

 A friend of mine gave me 2 aquariums. So, they needed to be moved out of a basement, and into the apartment. I even asked permission first. 🙂 Isn’t she wonderful to let me have these fish tanks?

I am all packed. Cat & Fish sitter is understanding his duties. No, Brother, he is NOT a scratching post.

So, with this blog post, I am powering off the computer for two weeks. Follow me on Twiiter for updates.

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