Electric car idea


I think I want to convert one of these into an electric car. I will have a 7 mile drive one way, so an electric car with a 30 mile range will give me 100% extra range in case I need to drive something other than my usual route.

If I get one, I will get one with the tow bar that you see people dragging these around behind an RV. That way if it breaks down or just run out of charge, I can hook up to it and drag it home.

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  1. Most certainly! I don’t like loud tires.

    But it would be funny with a silent car and them big buzzy tires going down the road…

    This was just a random vehicle in the parking lot. I liked the paint job.

  2. Really liked the idea of this, I would do it too if I didn’t need to drive much longer distances on occasion. Looking at the possibility of an electric scooter/motorcycle and trying to find out how much it would cost. Also looking at the possibility of having an electric bicycle instead.

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