I suck at driving

No, no accidents, but I just was wandering around in circles in the twin cities yesterday.

I am going to blame breakfast. We stopped at McDonalds drive through. The guy took our order, then came back and asked if the one thing we wanted was steak or sausage. I told him I wanted the cheaper one. He said they where the same price. They weren’t. Butt head. Then, once we drove away, they screwed up the other item, and gave us bacon instead of steak.
They charged us more, then didn’t give us what we paid more for.

We drove from my folks to the church for today’s wedding without a problem. From there, it went down hill.

After the rehearsal, we went to go pick up my tux. The GPS couldn’t resolve where we where close enough, so I didn’t turn the right way when I left the church, so I needed to drive around to get there.

We didn’t leave the tux place until when we should have been at the grooms dinner. The GPS got us right to the address for the Minnesota Renaissance Faire. They publish their coorporate office, and just an intersection for the actual faire. Grrr. So, we didn’t get to the lunch at the faire until an hour late.

Leaving the faire, the road we where to take by the GPS’s directions was closed, so we took the scenic route around. Then, when we finally did find the road, it had moved! The GPS was not happy.

Trying to get home, I ended up taking 2 wrong exits due to road construction, and being in the wrong lane. Come around a corner to find that we where in the exit only lane, with a car sitting in the blind spot.

Just a rough day for driving around.

I am a map guy, and while the GPS units are great, they aren’t very good for discovery.

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