Most people who know me know that I am pretty a-political. I am a live & let live type of person.

My theory is that politicians created all the good laws that needed creating years ago, and in order to stay relevant and appear to be working, now create really dumb laws. All so they can appear to be working and justify our voting for them again.


Basically it’s like taking somebody’s name out of the phone book because somebody made a BBB complaint against them. A really dumb idea, and trivial to work around.

Essentially, they are wanting to break the INTERNET in order to censor Americans without due process.

We have a process that deals with the problem they are trying to solve. It’s called Copyright litigation. It’s a poor process, slow, expensive, and difficult, but it’s a hell of a lot better than breaking the INTERNET!

I know from experience that it’s not often wise to come up with a technical ‘solution’ to a social management problem.

So, my act of defiance against this dumbness is to join the SOPA blackout.

I am not completely shutting down my site. That would be as dumb of an idea as SOPA is itself. So I am just using a splash screen and changed my template to a black template.

If it’s post-SOPA-blackout, you can see the SOPA unWELCOME screen at

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