I made two 3d printed pill boxes.

Mostly because I had forgotten I had set the scaling to 50% when I printed the first one. It turned out awesome, if small.

The second one didn't turn out near as nice – it's like it didn't slice correctly or something. Not sure.


In album

The finished full size print. The ‘bolt’ seems to have skipped a step so it deposited most of it’s plastic on and next to the box. The lid isn’t supposed to be stepped like that, but domed.

The text didn’t turn out – none of the horizontal lines printed.

bad bolt, bad!

stringing is very minor at this point.

This is the small box printing.

The small compared to the large, which is just starting to print.

You can read the text on the side of this box. This is SO cool!

A little compartment, for a small pill.

Working on about the 4th layer of the large box.


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