Print him I did

I printed out a Yoda the other night for my friend's 5 year old. He turned out pretty well, but not perfect. I need to tweak my cooling a bit yet.

Some dry erase markers on the natural PLA, and he looks pretty good. It's really hard to photograph these things though.

Print Details
MakerGear Prusa Mendel
Slic3r.7 Pronterface.7
1.75 PLA
.2mm layer height @ 170c extrusion 60c blue tape on glass on heated bed
Print speed 30,30,60,60,60
Retraction 2mm @15mm/s w/ .25 z lift
Cooling on default settings with cone cooler.

The cone cooler is to restrictive, so I had hacked half the cone off to allow more air flow. This gave a clean print on the fan side of the print, but the lee side printed terribly.

The fan works miracles on PLA, if it can reach the PLA. I am thinking 2 fans would be in order…

In album

Yoda, all colored like. I need to get a DSLR so I can focus ON the object I am interested in, not behind it.

Yoda’s good side.

You can see the left side of his face is kinda gloopy while his right side is really nicely done.

Gloop city. The lines are suppose to be parallel and flat. A lack of cooling allowed them to wander all over the place.

He is nearly finished.

All done & still on the printer!

I printed him out at half size of the original model. I was running low on PLA.

He has an earring in his right ear.


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