The Angel Fish eggs made it through the night! I was quite surprised. I am thinking it was the Pleco that cleaned them up last time. Mommy Angel has been constantly fanning them all day. She will knock an egg loose, quick grab it, roll it around in her mouth, and spit it back onto the leaf, hoping it will stick. Most of them are gone now. I don’t think I will have any in the morning. Posted by Picasa

No time lost – They are at it again!

Momma and Pappa Angel Fish laying their eggsWell, I spoke too soon, they DID pick the leaf on the opposite side of the tank to lay their eggs on. I am going to let this set go unmolested by me to see if they do a better job of guarding the eggs this time. 11 days between spawns. 100 – 150 eggs per spawn. If less then 100 hatch a spawn that is over 3k baby angels in a year. Uhm… No… I can’t afford to feed myself sometimes. I am NOT feeding THOUSANDS of baby angels. They shall be left to their own devices for the time being. Maybe next week I might be more charitable.
Mother Angel Fish watching her eggsThe top photo shows Mom and Dad Angel Fish laying their eggs. The photo to the right is of Mom watching her newly laid eggs.
Angel Fish next to her eggs on live Amazon Sword PlantI really like this third photo. I wish I didn’t have the slightest touch of flash reflection in the upper right, and that her feeler-fin Posted by Picasa


Bucket of prunned leavesWell, tonight I had to do it. The tank was slowing growing shut. I had to prune back my plants. You can see the bucket of leaves that I culled of the plants. I went through and found all the yellowing, holey, broken, or otherwise disagreable leaves and mercilessly yanked them off the plants. I think I am tossing out more and better leaves then most pet stores have in their stores. I also added a few iron fertilizer tabs. Ed at Big Al’s recomended them this weekend. I also gave the tank a dose of liquid fertilizer. I think I will try fertilizing 2 times a week instead of just once a week when I top off the tank as I had in the past. The plants quit “boiling” O2, and I am kinda disapointed. I am hoping the fertilizer and the thinning will bring that kind of activity back.

The Angel Fish are at it again! They where in there cleaning up leaves as much as I was! They will clean on the leaves before they lay their eggs on them. I thinned out the largest of the Amazon Swords enough that the Angels are looking to lay eggs on the other side of the tank this time. If I can catch the eggs after they are fertilized, and before they are eaten, I may put them into a breeding net that hangs on the inside of the tank. I found out this weekend that I am going to need a license to sell the babys to the pet store. I am going to see how many babies I get before I think about spending the money for that. Posted by Picasa