Red Oak Bookshelves

 Well, I got a chance to basically finish up my shelves this weekend. I had a BFO and used my drill press to drill the pilot holes for the brackets into the shelves.
 Brother and Sister decided that they wanted to help hang the shelves! Brother felt he could best help by climbing in this here bag under the shelves, and Sister decided that she was best put to use by keeping him in the bag.

 Here is the shelving looking from the bedroom into the living room. The top shelves are level front to back as I still need to add a false stud into the wall so I have something to screw the brackets to.

 Here is the view from the living room into the bedroom. I like how the shelves ‘fade’ back as they go up. I was worried about how it would look, but I think it turned out ok. It emphasizes that the shelves are just floating there on the wall.

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 I wanted steak for dinner last night. So I wandered over to Publix and had David cut me a peice of meat. This 1.66lb hunk of steak was on sale for $5.99 a pound.

 I had read online that if you coat your steaks in salt like this and let it set from 15 minutes to an hour and then wash the salt off and pat the meat dry, it will tenderize the meat. Boy did it ever! I ended up with the juiciest, tastiest 13oz steaks I have ever had. I had sauted mushrooms, baked potato and steamed brocoli and cauliflower with a white (mozerella) cheese sauce.

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Home Made Rope Hammock Chair for my front porch.

 A few weeks ago, I saw a hammock chair for sale for something like $40. I thought that I could make one for less than that. Turns out I can make one for about $6. All that is needed is a special tool, and some cord of some sort. I ended up making the tool out of a peice of scrap plywood I had from building the folding kayak. I just carved it up, and sanded it down according to the pictures I saw of people making fishing nets. The cord I used is actually Cat Fish Drop Line, what ever that is. It’s rated for 4 hunded pounds. I have 24 strands of it holding the hammock up, so I don’t think I need to worry about the hammock breaking anytime soon – that is 9600 pounds, well over 4 tons.

  I takes a bit of practice to get going, but with the shuttle and guage stick, it’s actually quick simple. Once you get the rythm to it, you can make quick work out of making this. I am not quite happy with this one, as it’s currently a bit uncomfortable, but I knew the first attempt would be less then perfect. I am actually surprised at how well it did turn out. I think a lot of my problems is with my tying it to a single support beam. I might try to pick up some good hooks and fiddle with how I hang it.

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Home made Red Oak Book Shelves for my bedroom

Here is the first shelf I had finished. I had to put a piece of backing board behind the short wall to support that end. luckily that section of wall was accessible from the inside of the closet.

I leveled the shelves up, side to side, and also along the wall, the curved corner dips about an eighth of an inch as for some reason, when I tighten the metal brackets down, the shelves wanted to have the outside edege about a half an inch lower than the wall side. I haven’t figured out why. I tipped the shelves back level when I screwed the bracket on the short side to the wall.

I had a lot of trouble shearing off the screws mounting the hardware to the red oak shelves. I ended up drilling the hole 1 drill bit size larger, and soaping the screws before I put them in.