Friday Ninja Cat Blogging

I normally don’t post other peoples stuff, but this one, well, it’s just wicked cool! I really hope brother doesn’t learn this trick, and yet, I really hope he does!

Friday Ninja Cat Blogging: “I would not want to live in the same house as this cat. It’s a silent assassin. Via Cynical-C.”


Lambeau Field

I was accused of being a liar about going to see the Packers. These are from my cell phone. Nothing great, but it’s all I took.

I went with my buddy Matt. His Uncle is a season ticket holder, and had extra tickets for the game.

I had a blast even though I am not a sports fan.

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My House, My House, My House is on fire!

Last weekend, somebody decided to try to burn my apartment complex down.

Actually, it was a smoker who missed the ash tray. Went, and fell into the bush, and by the time he got his glass of water to put it out, he needed a truckload of water.
The heat blistered all of the siding. Only suface damage to the building. Still scary though.

They are going to replace all the dried out juniper bushes.

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DIY Homemade Hydroponics Basket Pot

I decided to try setting up a bit of hydroponics tonight. Actually, it’s aquaponics, because it’s based off of my fish tank.
I am having a bit of algae problems on the 75 gallon tank. I am hoping that growing some basil out of the tank will help soak up some of the nutrients and slow the algae growth.
I don’t have one of those fancy pots that they use in hydroponics, so I decided to make one of my own. I have a bit of plastic grid that is used for that hook & latch projects. I rolled a bit of it up, and sewed it together with fishing line.

I cut out the base, making it into a circle. This took a bit of trial and error, and it’s a bit small.

To hold the pot I made a support span that the pot would sit in. I sewed two boxes together to force the curves in the supports.

Here you can see base in the pot and the assembled span.

This stuff is kinda handy to make things out of like this.

The pot sewed into the span. You can seen I needed to use a tweezers to get the knots tied in the fishing line. This is designed to hold the bottom of the pot in the water on my microtank. Note the notches in the bottom of the span.

Here you can see the empty pot sitting on my microtank. Yeah, the same tank that has given me so much grief with overflowing and leaking. The notches hold the pot onto the tank without fear of tipping (in theory).

Here is an LED lamp I picked up after Christmas for $10 on clearance at Menards. I am hoping that by adjusting the lamp very close to the plants, they will get enough light. I planted Basil seeds in the pot. I have a bit of rock in the bottom, then a lot of perlite, then a bit of rock on top to hold the perlite down..

Crazy cats, like the boxes better then the toys…

 It’s funny, how Brother likes boxes. He seems really keen on this one. It’s one of the boxes I got the wedding lights in. I cleaned out the lights and put them up in a cabinet, and didn’t didn’t need the box, so I tossed it into the hall. Brother jumped irght into it, anc claimed it.

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