Tearing down a 75 gallon tank to clean up water

My Overflow box strikes again! This thing is the bane of my carpeting! This time, it caused a flood in a different way. The drain tubes fell out of the tank. They stayed put for over a month, then fell out twice within 6 hours. I don’t get it.

Trying to dry out under the tank. This didn’t work very well. I was told ‘the house stank’ so the tank has to move so the leak can be cleaned up properly.

This is the area where the tubes went. The hoses just slipped into the tank here between the filter and the side of the light hood. The tubes where long enough, it just seemed to work well.

My solution is to simple – put a long deck screw in so I can affix the tubes to the screw so they won’t fall out anymore.

The water left in the tank got put into 2 large totes and a 5 gallon bucket. The Oscars are in one of the tubs. Brother is checking out the fish here.

The tank is sitting on some saw horses so it’s out of the way. I moved the base aside just to get it out of the way. The tank can set on the saw horses just fine while the carpet dries.

The room gets a little bare with the tank missing.

The tank hopefully get all put back together tonight.

Shoveling my way to work.

So, this morning, on my way to work, I had to walk down the street. We got 5 inches of snow last night, and the sidewalks haven’t been shoveled, and the plows pushed all the snow onto them.

So, I grabbed the shovel at the office on the way home for lunch and shoveled my way home. I had lunch, and shoveled my way back to work. I cut through 5 snowbanks. The deepest one, up to my elbows.

During lunch, my apartment complex shoveled the sidewalks. They do it with a 4wheeler with a plow. Works great. Except that they don’t plow the sidewalk on my way to work. No biggy, I understand, that they are WAY to busy to shovel the sidewalk that only a few dozen residents use on any given day to get to the bus stop, to Pop’s Pantry, or to work like me. I had just shoveled through the snowbank, and the SOB pushes his snow right into my path I had made. I didn’t make a spot for him to push his snow, I made a spot so I can get to work.

Blinken Light

So, I have been staring at this blinken light for the last 3 days now.
It really rubs me the wrong way.
I mean, I paid for EXPRESS SHIPPING so I can stare at this blinken light for 6 days.
Wouldn’t you be POed?

So, now the question is, why are YOU staring at the blinken light too?

On the way to the airport. All packed and ready to go. Mom says k got snow yesterday and there might be more today.

Before the rain

Rain coming in off the oceanI got a little stir crazy today. I have been working pretty hard on a website for a friend and my legs got all itchy for a walk. I decided to go east, well as far as I can walk. I checked the weather before I left, figured that I probably had about 30-40 minutes before some “red” was going to be here. Off I went.

Rain coming in off the oceanI had walked to the beach once, but that was a LONG trip as I had gone all the way down to Beach Place. I wanted to see if I had easy beach access at the end of Oakland Park Blvd. Guess what, I do! There is an itty bitty little park, just big enough for a person to be sleeping on the only park bench. They probably just had city property for the road going all the way in into the ocean, and made a park out of the last 50 feet.

Flowers on the beachThere where a couple of kids wake boarding. One guy was fussing with a metal detector. A few people where off swimming. Nothing too exciting. I wandered a ways to the south until I noticed that the rain had crossed the beach and was obscuring a building. I turned around and started home.

Rain coming in off the oceanWouldn’t you know it, I made it almost all the way home and it started to rain. I was less then 1/6th of a mile from my door when it started to poor. I stopped under a tree and waited 10 or 15 minutes untill it was dripping more from the tree then it was raining. By this time the rain had slowed to a sprinkle. I got about half way and it started to poor again. Oh well, so much from trying to not get soaked to the skin. At least the rain was warm. I don’t mind getting wet, it’s the going into the AC afterwards that bothers me. Posted by Picasa