Twitter Updates for 2011-04-30


Twitter Updates for 2011-03-11

  • I just got a real lead from Facebook, and I don't know how to handle it. What a predicament! I've no way of connecting them to my sales team #
  • ** annoyed** #
  • I wish I got paid bonuses for the number of computers I had running flat out. 4 + a NAS is good for a days work, yes? #
  • Sweet! I musta been a good boy. My wife said she bring me to Cabelas for new work shoes. I am going to try to fanagle a new summer coat too. #
  • I find many establishment's idea of Diet Mt Dew a bit lacking. #
  • Well that was kinda cool. I just made an oversized man's shirt into a woman's shirt and it actually turned out! I like my sewing machine! #
  • Ok. That was bizzarre. About 4 old tweets where sent but not the one I just wrote. Drafts in twitter for android? Who knew… #


Twitter Updates for 2010-12-16

  • Somebody decided that this was a good way to wire a ceiling fan. I should hunt them down and make them lick it. #
  • Well, that's a bummer, my new (old) fan remote seems to not work right. Good thing I didn't pay anything for it. #
  • Heh, something went the way it was planned tonight. Ran the Ethernet cable to the library closet for the laser printer. It actually worked! #


Tearing down a 75 gallon tank to clean up water

My Overflow box strikes again! This thing is the bane of my carpeting! This time, it caused a flood in a different way. The drain tubes fell out of the tank. They stayed put for over a month, then fell out twice within 6 hours. I don’t get it.

Trying to dry out under the tank. This didn’t work very well. I was told ‘the house stank’ so the tank has to move so the leak can be cleaned up properly.

This is the area where the tubes went. The hoses just slipped into the tank here between the filter and the side of the light hood. The tubes where long enough, it just seemed to work well.

My solution is to simple – put a long deck screw in so I can affix the tubes to the screw so they won’t fall out anymore.

The water left in the tank got put into 2 large totes and a 5 gallon bucket. The Oscars are in one of the tubs. Brother is checking out the fish here.

The tank is sitting on some saw horses so it’s out of the way. I moved the base aside just to get it out of the way. The tank can set on the saw horses just fine while the carpet dries.

The room gets a little bare with the tank missing.

The tank hopefully get all put back together tonight..