Sister moved to a new home today

So sad, Sister moved to a new home today.

I haven’t been taking good care of my cats lately. They are well fed well loved, they just were fighting over the toilet seat (figurativly speaking). Sister wouldn’t use the litter box after Brother used it. My not taking care of them is by not cleaning the litter box daily.

So, on Freecycle, a gal asked about a cat – not a kitten – for her and her kids. She wanted a female.

She came by at 3 today with 2 small kids.

I found out why she wanted a female grown cat. The real cold weather we have been having drove the mice into her house!

I got a message on my machine at 7. Sister caught 2 mice already! Go girl!

 The last family photo.

  Brother, missing sister (NOT). I am distracting him with new toys.

He is abnormally cuddly. I mean, he usually likes sitting on my lap, but now I can’t get rid of him. Follows me around every where. I gotta keep finding the toys.

On another note, the place is now a true bachlor pad, Me, the cat, and the one remaining fish are all males.

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