Sister’s dietary preferences

So, my cat, sister, evidently is a brand snob. It seems she likes Meow Mix over Friskies.
When I am panning from the very dark shot of the Friskies to the just dark of the cats on the cat food bag, you can hear her knock over the cat food bag in her attempt to open it. She then pounces on it and tries to open it again!

I think I figured out my kitty shitty problem. Sister, bless her little feline soul, won’t use the litter box after brother has used it. I have been fighting this litter box issue since I got brother fixed. I think he ‘smells’ different and she just wont go there. This was a ‘DUH’ moment on my behalf this week.

So. This is the nail in the coffin. I need to find a new home for one of my cats. As I am not the type that cleans the litter box twice a week, much less twice a day. I also have a two week long ‘vacation’ coming up in a few short months, so I need to find arrangements to deal with that situation too. Having only one cat would help make finding arrangements for cat care during that 2 weeks easier.

Also, Katie relented, and said I can keep the cats. Being that I can’t smell, and she can (acutely, I may add), she is likely to do 99% of the litterbox duty. So in difference to her, I would like to reduce the onerous job.

If anybody knows somebody who is looking for a loving cat, I have 2 here that are very dear to my heart. You can take your pick, and we can give it a 1-2 week ‘trial’ to make sure that the human(s) acclimate themselves well to their new feline overlord.

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