DIY Homemade Craft Brush

I am working on making a latex mold for doing some resin castings, so I don’t want to use a good paint brush because I don’t need anything too nice, I don’t want to ruin the few that I have, and I am not 100% sure where they are, so it would take me a while to dig them up.

I decided to make my own. I poked around in my closet, found some Jute Twine, some Cotton String, and new I had some toothpicks in a kitchen cupboard. I have every thing I need! I took a few photos, and a quick video.
homemade craft brush 
Here you can see the finished project. One disposable craft brush.

 Here is the materials I used. Each one would probably cost about 2 cents each and take about 2-3 minutes to make.

Here I am trying to show the string being looped over itself, ready to be pulled through, but the flash kinda ruined the photo.

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