My desk at work.

When I started work, I asked about getting a drafting table to use as a desk. They ordered one up for me!

It’s not a real drafting table, but it’s actually better for what I am using it for.
 The only drawback is that it wasn’t tall enough that I could comfortabley use it standing up, as I had intended.

 Well Dad and I fiddle futzed around for a month or more on ideas on how to easily jack this desk up. I bought some metric bolts that fit the desk, intending on making some legs for it, but didn’t get a chance to make them. Wouldn’t you know, FreeCycle to the rescue! Somebody posted 8 inch bed legs, never been used. I picked them up, and SWEET, they are perfect. Well, almost, they are SAE threaded, but the right size. We happened to have the right size metric die at the office, so I re-threaded the bolts.

 I stuck them onto the bottom of the desk.

 Oh, it’s a wonderful thing! The white is a bit tacky, but I think I got a fix for that. I think I will cut out Mt. Dew cans and slide over the the legs, it will look like I am using cans to hold the desk up. Totally tacky, but still pretty cool! The height isn’t right for 3 cans, but 3 cans, 1 or two of them crushed a bit will work, and really help with the effect.

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