My Bedroom

Here are the photos of my bedroom.
The fire burnt through my closet to get to my room. if you look at the outside pictures, you can see where the roof burnt away over my closet as well.
Andy climbed through the closet and rescued a few items for me.
My Grandfather’s war medals, the rack from the first buck I shot, and a few other items that I didn’t take with me when I went to college, and to Florida.
 My First computer is sitting there on the desk, as well as a few other’s that I had collected as peices for my future ‘museum’. Oh well.
 The bindings burnt off all of my books. I am not sure if these are going to get pulled out. It could be fun rebinding all of these books as hard covers.
 What would you call this? A Computcicle? Ice Cooling for overclockers?
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