Weather videos from the last 2 days

Some crazy weather. 100 degree days and hail.  Also, a mama deer and her triplets just because they crossed the road in front of me on my way to work.

In album June 29, 2012 (3 photos)

Storm front coming in Friday morning. Pretty wicked looking. Lots of rain behind it. It was great!

100 degree day and it’s hailing. Some nearly as big as a quarter – but I wasn’t about to run out and pick one of them up. Gotta love the weather for sure!

A mama deer and her triplets! They stopped traffic as they crossed the street. Glad everybody stopped.


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  1. I just point out that later on, a mama deer was hit and killed and the next day the 2 babies died on the road as well! I think it was the same deer, and one of the triplets died.

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