I found a PowerPotV on ebay

Showed up on Friday. I played with it this weekend in the kitchen. So far I like it. 

Hard boiled eggs, instant oatmeal, tea – which stained the pot, but I am hoping this will stop the rivets in the bottom from corroding into my water.

It's not an UL item. It's big, 1.4 liters and heavy. 18oz is their claimed weight, but I suspect that it's a lot more than that with all the extra bits and bobs that it comes with. I'm going to sew up 2 different stuff sacks for it and weigh it after that.
One will be for the full kit, the other will be for the minimal kit, basically just the pot and charge cable.

I love the concept of solar, I just can't afford anything worthwhile. I also tend to hike in heavy woods so solar is minimally effective anyhow. 

I mentally 'weight-buy' this pot by no going with the large extra battery, solar, etc.

A friend has a biolight. This outputs twice the power at half the weight. Between the two of us, I think we now have some good kit for charging cameras and phones. I will let him carry the biolight…

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  1. 2lbs 9 5/8oz for the 'full kit' including a new fuel canister, a wendys spoon and a bottle of Dr. Bronners.

     * thermoeletric pot
     * aluminum lid/bowl
     * charge controller cable
     * usb cable and 2 tips
     * 1800mah charge-thru battery pack
     * LED light wand
     * piezio ignition stove in orange case
     * coleman fuel
     * plasitc spoon
     * Dr. Bronners Soap bottle

  2. I got the 'Power Meter' and fast charge cable that they make. 

    These are awesome! I would highly recommend these to anybody who does charging over USB. The meter tells you how  much power you are charging at, and the cable forces the phone/tabelet into 'fast charge' mode so it charges much faster.

    It's great to be able to see what cables & chargers can charge at full speed & to dump out of that battery bank into the phone at full speed.

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