You can send presents anytime!

  Thanks mom for the presents! I LOVE the crocks. Katie says you have good taste. I just can’t decide what I want to put in them. I have to get batteries for the pepper grinder. I think that will stay right next to the stove. I tried the cake pan, but burnt the brownies. I haven’t found the box with my timer in it yet, so I kinda winged it, and got distracted. Oh well, next time, right?

  Anyway, I used the boxes from your presents to make a Kitten Castle. There are several rooms inside, and this neat, recessed 2nd floor entrance onto a balcony. Of course they LOVED the boxes before I made them into the castle.

 Aren’t they cute?

  They seem to like me, I wander from room to room they are usually about 30 seconds behind me. Wanting to be in the same room, but in typical feline fashion, pretending not to.

The naming contest is still open, leave a comment with name ideas. They are currently being called ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’, so you only have a little while before they stick.
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Lakeland Florida

Or, I found out why rent is so cheap

Or, I now have a reason to build that folding Kayak

I am being really bad about keeping up to date with my blog. Too busy with the move and so forth.
 Not this friday but the one prior, 9 days ago now, it rained. Now, when I say it rained, that isn’t an adiquite description. Imagine a swimming pool with a lot of bubbles in it. That is what it seemed like outside. It rained THAT hard. More water then air. With my place of residence being in a hole, it gets wet. Really wet. The water was half an inch over the threshhold for the front door. You can see that in this photo. I had the door open (it didn’t matter, it was coming in anyway) with the towels set to slow it down. I was mopping it out with another towel and sweeping it out with a broom. It also came into the bedroom and along the wall in the living room.

 There is a channel cut in the yard to try to direct the water away, it was just overwelmed with how hard it rained.

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Mom, I have an announcement to make. You have 2 new grand-kittiess!

I ended up with 2 kittens yesterday. I came home, and they attacked. Actually, they were sleeping in one of my moving boxes and I had to look for them for a while before I woke one up.
 Katie found this brother and sister through work. A gal had asked her to feed them for the night, and then tried to give them to her… successfully. Katie SMSed me, asking if I wanted them, because I had half-jokenly said I wanted a mean old barn cat called One-eyed-Jack (even if he had both eyes) to keep the critters out of my apartment. She offered to clean the litter box, I said SOLD!

 Now, what to name them? The male is the orange one, and the female is the darker one. She has 6 toes on each foot in front. My first choices are Deeohgie and Ceaytie, but Katie vetoed them immediatly like they where her cats. She insists that they are mine, but the female a little less so. My Second Choise was to call them the Kellers, Roche and Ratte, but again, shot down. For now they are called dip-shit and shit-head.

 So, I am opening up a kitty naming contest. The winner gets… a gracious thank you on my blog and maybe a Christmas card from their namelings.

 I have to finish unpacking and kitten proofing the place. They are going to tear my stuff up! Oh well. It will be fun!

Aqurium update.

 I bought a new stand for the planted tank. It fits really nice between the bedroom and bathroom doors. I replanted the whole tank. my microsord really took off, while my glosso has all but died off. I moved all the fish into this tank. I know have Khuli loaches running around in the microsword – that looks pretty cool. I am going to re-set up the CO2 reactor this week, I have it piped in, I just don’t have the Yeast Bottles set up yet. I have to finish drinking the juice!

 I put my TV tank into my entertainment center. I REALLY like how this turned out. Katie isn’t so thrilled about the TV not getting cable. The tank is just sitting empty for right now, I am not sure how I want to stock this tank. I may see about upgradig the lighting, or running crypts in it under the current low lighting.

 Here you see the 2 tanks together. I have an opening between the kitchen and the living room. I am thinking about either putting my 110 gallon tank in that area, or make a small 6″ tall microtank to go into that space. I am leaning towards the micro tank. Not sure where I am going to put the 110. I guess they can both sit in that spot. We shall see.

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