You can send presents anytime!

  Thanks mom for the presents! I LOVE the crocks. Katie says you have good taste. I just can’t decide what I want to put in them. I have to get batteries for the pepper grinder. I think that will stay right next to the stove. I tried the cake pan, but burnt the brownies. I haven’t found the box with my timer in it yet, so I kinda winged it, and got distracted. Oh well, next time, right?

  Anyway, I used the boxes from your presents to make a Kitten Castle. There are several rooms inside, and this neat, recessed 2nd floor entrance onto a balcony. Of course they LOVED the boxes before I made them into the castle.

 Aren’t they cute?

  They seem to like me, I wander from room to room they are usually about 30 seconds behind me. Wanting to be in the same room, but in typical feline fashion, pretending not to.

The naming contest is still open, leave a comment with name ideas. They are currently being called ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’, so you only have a little while before they stick.
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Posted by Picasa

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