Photographs of the wild outdoors for a website background.

I needed some old photographs for a blog I am making for some friends. The photos are to be a monochromatic ‘old’ looking photos of the wild outdoors.

I went through some of the photographs my mother sent me in the last year or so and selected a dozen that fit the bill.

Well, almost. I had to adjust the first 10 using Picasa.
The steps where very easy.

  1. Sharpen
  2. B&W
  3. Warmify
  4. Tint – using the default color, and sliding the slider to the center


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Kitty take bath

No photos tonight, just a funny story.
The kittens loved sleeping up in the passthru, right? Well, they haven’t been up there in a couple of weeks that I have seen. I moved the boxes that they used to get up there. I figured it was safe to put the tank up there.


Katie was making dinner tonight, and I was in the kitchen, slowing her down. The Kitchen door was closed with the cats in the living room. We heard a SPLOOSH! Turn around, and Brother (my male kitten) is in the kitchen, along with about half an inch of water from the microtank. Well, this seemed an opportune time to give Brother a bath. In he went. It took about 3 seconds of doing the backfloat before he realized it was wet. He laced me pretty good! Down my wrist and across my palm.

He is so nice and soft and silky now.

My Microtank

 Well, Here it is. I think it fits quite nicely in the passthrough.

 The view from my living room into the Kitchen.

 The view from my Kitchen into the living room. I am planning on making a tall bar to go against the wall. The tank will be quite dramatic there.

 I am going to plant microsword and Glosso from this tank into the new microtank once I can get the goofy thing lit up well enough. I am thinking of getting a 2 bulb 4 foot fixture and making an oak hood. I will need to run the filtering through the hood too I think, so I only have 1 place for power and water lines.

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Leaking Tank

 What is the first thing you do after coming home the night after making a new fish tank? Fill it full of water of course! It leaks. Not bad though. I filled it with 3 gallons of water to see if it was water tight, and I had a slow leak. about 1 drip a second. Not to bad considering how messed up the silicone turned out after my trying to smooth it too late into the curing process.
 So, I cut the sealent out. I left it assembled, just cut out the inside silicone and trimed up the outside as well. I re-sealed it tonight. I am thinking tonight I put down a good bead and it should be 100% water tight now. It all LOOKS much better at least.

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My First Microtank

I am going to make a new aquarium that is what is called a ‘microtank’ or ‘nanotank’. This is a VERY small planted freshwater fish tank. The two I am going to make are going to be 3.5 gallons each. I am going to set them up as “stream” type tanks, with a pretty stiff current to them. The water will be pumped out one end, and put back in on the other end. This should create a nice “stream” type environment. I will put fish that are suitable for the swift water in the tank. It will also have a lot of rocks and short live plants like Glossostigma and Microsword if I can get them to grow in the water current.

Cut glass for a fish tank My dad had cut me glass and mirror pieces to use for shelving. They are 4 feet long and 4 3/8 inches wide. It went into a window and worked really nice. I have moved the glass shelves 3 times for a total of around 2500 miles. I finially have a new use for them. I am curious to see how a green tinted glass tank will turn out.

cutting window glass for an aquarium I saved some panes out of the windows of my old work when they installed new hurricane windows. I had a bit of trouble cutting the glass down to the right size. A few practice tries and I got it down.

glass and silicone ready for assembly into an aquarium I tried to put the silicone down first so the pieces would get a good bond together. This didn’t work so well, I ended up needing a hand from Katie so I could get it all together and taped up so it would all stay put. I am going to need to cut out the silicone on the inside so I can get a good sealing bead down.

home made fish tank This is the assembled tank. I will re-seal it tomorrow night, and Wednesday night it will get some water put in it. Cross your toes it doesn’t leak.

The first tank I made is glass on both sides and mirror on the bottom. The other tank I will build will only have 1 piece of glass, with a mirror back.

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