Custom Furniture for the apartment

I made some custom furniture for the apartment. We where a bit lacking in counter-space so there was no place to put the microwave. Katie also has 4 really cool large baskets that we thought would be perfect for holding her Crochet projects, so I made a stand for those as well.

Here is the microwave stand. It’s height is inbetween the stove and the chest freezer to help transition the height difference. The top is a pre-made solid pine top. It cost something like $9. The legs where a single 10 or 12 foot 1×6. I used some used shelving brackets I had laying around I got on clearence years ago and used for something in my dorm room.
The stand will likely be finished in a cherry color to match the existing cabinets.

Here is the revised dining room. A bit different if you have seen it before Katie moved in. CVS gave us the 2 glass faced cabinets. They still need to be painted.
We picked up the mirror at IKEA this weekend. it matches the wroughtwork of the candle holders. I have a clock my sister gave me hanging on the mirror. I like it, I think it looks cool, Katie, not so much, blocks the mirror. She will likely win in the end. If she takes it down, I won’t put it back up.

Here is the basket-stand I made. It was made from three 2x4s ripped in half and cut to different lengths. All of it was pretty much cut to fit. I had a rough idea what I wanted, and we just held the peices to the baskets and cut them off where they looked right.

It is free-standing. It can only be tipped straight back, and then just barely. It hits the ceiling any other direction it wants to tip. I guess that makes it tip-resistant, as it will be backed up against a wall. I used up most of the shelf brackets I had left putting this together.

I think it turned out super-cool. Not sure how it will be finished as of yet. Stained is what I am hearing, I just don’t know what color yet.

Final Details

The final details of a long trip take a lot out of a person. Especially when unplanned stuff happens.
 Dad and I tore the trailer apart and repacked all the bearings, replaced a broken wheel stud, and put on a spare tire. Better safe then sorry.

 My folks gave Katie and I a chest freezer for our wedding. How cool is that (I love that pun). Problem though. The one end is all smashed in. It took 7 different Walmarts before I found the same freezer to exchange it with. The new freezer works great!

 Found a dresser on freecycle. The closet worked for one person, but two isn’t going to fly. This dresser fits in it’s spot perfectly, and doubles as a nightstand for that side of the bed. Brother had never seen a tall dresser before. He was curious.

 A friend of mine gave me 2 aquariums. So, they needed to be moved out of a basement, and into the apartment. I even asked permission first. 🙂 Isn’t she wonderful to let me have these fish tanks?

I am all packed. Cat & Fish sitter is understanding his duties. No, Brother, he is NOT a scratching post.

So, with this blog post, I am powering off the computer for two weeks. Follow me on Twiiter for updates.

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Second load moving into my new place.

Katie and I dropped off my second load of stuff today. This was the truckload that Bill was so kind enough to let me store in his garage for a year and a half. The only thing broken out of all the glass was a chipped mug that could have come from the store that way.
I haven’t decided how to do the living room but I have awesome ideas for the kitchen. Matt and Jessica left a rolling dishwasher for me, so I have a dishwasher now. It isn’t built in so I am going to make a small cutting boad surfaced island to put against one wall to wheel it into. I will get another folding barstool and I can use it as a breakfast table too. I am going to make it nice and tall so it will be a great prep area for me.
The coolest idea is for the computer in the kitchen. I will put each of my 19 inch monitors into the two corners of the kitchen on those wall TV shelves even with the top of the cabinets. They will both show the same screen, and each end of the kitchen will have a wireless keyboard and mouse in a tray under the cabinets. I will use my current Media Center PC so I can watch the food network or have a recepe on the screen. I am thinking it will be cool.
I am also going to build a storage shelf that is strong enough to put the fridge and a chest freezer ontop of so I don’t need to squat down to look into the fridge.

I am going to make another trip this weekend for my junk. I will be moving my fish tanks. That will be a chore. I am thinking all the fish will end up in the planted tank for the time being. I want to put the tv tank into my entertinment center. I think I want a stand for my planted tank and put that between the doors to the bedroom and bathroom. I may break down and buy that instead of building it.g it.