Finishing the Insulation

It’s nice having awesome friends, between Jerry helping with the prep work, and Jeb helping feed the blower, I got the job done! I had gotten sick between the time I started this project, and the time I could finish it, so it took me a bit longer than I had anticipated. I finally rented […]

The starting of new shelves for the Kitchen Pantry

We recently moved the Fridge from where it was when we bought the house. This left a wonderful area for a pantry. A friend picked up a bunch of scrap wood from freecycle, and dropped it off in my garage knowing I am always looking for good junk. Part of my new found lumber loot, […]

Winter’s coming

It’s been crazy, since we bought the house. I can’t believe winter’s almost here already! So much to do, so little time to do it. Especially considering I was sick and knocked on my back for about the last month. That was miserable. I am finally able to do stuff, but I still wear out […]

Gutter repair

One of the goals for my new house is a large garden. But I don’t want to pay to water the garden (never mind what the chlorine in city water does to the soil and plants) so I want to water out of rain barrels. But, first the gutters need to be in working order […]