Library Thing

Ok, I have been a bit quite lately, I have been working on… stuff. You shall see, it’s the biggest thing since, well, I moved to Florida.

Anyway, I digress, I have added a new feature to my blog. I have a random list of books that I own courtesy of Library Thing in the narrow column. You can also search my current books.

I had ran across them a while ago, how long ago, I don’t remember, but it is that long ago (what, 3 minutes some of my friends may claim?). I have been meaning to check them out and whatnot, so tonight I did.

I found a use for my CueCat. That’s right, they allow you to scan in the ISBN bar codes with your CueCat directly. How is THAT for convenient. Talk about a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious). Pure Genius! The only thing I saw about it, is that I was mentally saying “beep” in my head every time I scanned a bar code. I was running around my apartment (read: stand up, reach, sit down) thinking “beep beep beep this is so cool beep beep”.

Now, too bad most of my books are in storage, at my folks place, etc. Now I have yet another reason to go back to Barnes & Noble’s and get more!

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