I have had a belt for over 10 years

It's getting pretty tired. I've been looking for a replacement for about a year, but haven't found one I like at a price I am willing to pay.

So I made one. Tandy leather has a Steampunk Belt Blank. I bought it on their recent 'gold' sale. I also got some neatsfoot oil and black dye to finish the belt.

I dyed it and distressed it so it looks good to me.  All black, subtle tooling, yet some contrast so more than a casual glance will show how awesome the pattern really is.

Now to forge a belt buckle… I love making stuff!

In album Steampunk Belt

The parts I bought to make my belt. Oil, Dye, and a belt blank.

2nd round of dying. The deeper stamping is dyed a 2nd time for a deeper color.

You can see how badly stretched my old belt is. It’s necking down in a couple of spots and is just generally tired.

Detail of the distressing vs the straight dyed leather.

First round of dying.

Tried to do a panoramic of my old belt and new belt.

Top to bottom. Old belt, dyed belt end cut, dyed & distressed belt.

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