I made a shoe rack for behind the front door

I bought a bundle of fifteen 1x2s for $12. There are some pretty twisted, gnarly looking boards in the bundle. My dad taught me how to selectively cut with the twists and kinks in mind so the project turns out in the end. I've only 1 wonky spot I am not happy about. I used 3/4 of the bundle of wood with only a dozen of so 6 inch scraps left over.

It's built with tools my wife has gotten me over the last couple of birthdays. I love tools.

In album Shoe rack

The shoe rack is designed to fit behind the door. I’ve notched it to fit around the baseboard. It’s extended across the heat register to dry gloves and is rounded so I don’t bang my lag on the corner.

The inner space worked out to be perfectly square. Not sure how that happened, but I will pretend it’s planned.

The door opens flush against the table.

The lower shelf is angled so big shoes can fit toes towards the back.

Gloves, hats, shoes, & boots all fit on the little table. I think I like it.

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  1. +Jeff Bond Maintenance tools for the tools that are used to fix the tools? 3rd order tool lovers unite?

    +Mad Tinker Me too. Recollections of hats and shoes and gloves piled up on the in-floor heat register when I grew up told me this was a requirement. Really pleased with how well it turned out in regards to the vent.

  2. Baling wire. I vaguely remember the stuff when mowing the hay out in the field, but in Arkansas is indispensable for making sure your muffler is trussed up just right.

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