Free Kittens to a good home

The kittens are getting big enough to stake out on their own now. They have moved to the big kitty litter box all on their own. They are pretty much weened – Sister has no milk to give anymore. She no longer flops about when she runs. I think she likes her trim figure back.
7 week old kittens
So, if you want a kitten (or two) speak up. They appear to me to be boys, but I am no kitten expert. So if one of these boys gives birth, well, cut me in on the $$$ selling the story to the Enquirer.

Here is a quick video interview of the kittens, telling you why you should take them home.
7 week old kittens Maybe just a picture would do a better job.

Here is all of us in bed. This is a 10 minute movie of cuteness. No really, check it out. Especially that really cute part at minut————econds

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