DIY Automated Indoor Container Garden Irrigation

Well, I worked on a project I have been talking about and gathering parts for a really long time now. I have had the pumps for over a year. I got the pumps on sale at Harbor Freight in Florida. I picked up the irrigation kit on sale at Walmart this fall. I eventually work […]

Indoor Planter Stand

I have had this indoor planting stand for a while now. I have been trying my hand at growing things. I have been failing miserably. If I was to follow that old addage where you need to keep a houseplant for a year before you can consider keeping a person for a year, I can […]

Aquaponics at the WI State Fair

When I went to the state fair last weekend, we walked in and almost immediately there was this booth on Aquaponics. How cool is that? I have been talking and reading about it for over a year now. This group wants to build a Aquaponics facility in the Milwaukee Area. A noble goal, fresh food […]